Your Story. Your Values. Your Flowers: The Nine Top Benefits of Joining Slow Flowers

Am I maximizing the full value of my membership in Slow Flowers?

We love connecting with members across the U.S. and Canada who describe their association with the Slow Flowers Movement as an important one, especially when it comes to highlighting the What, How and especially the “WHY” of their own brand.

We come together as a community of progressive floral designers, enlightened farmer-florists, sustainably-minded flower farmers and conscius consumers — each of whom desires a thriving floral marketplace centered around keeping flowers safe, seasonal and local.

Our founder, Debra Prinzing, created Slow Flowers as a platform that promotes American-grown flowers and connects consumers with farmers, florists, designers and retailers. Slow Flowers is an essential tool to have in your own marketing tool box!

And yet, we occasionally have conversations with new or even longtime members and it becomes clear that they haven’t fully utilized the many benefits of Slow Flowers.

Of course, we’re all super-busy floral entrepreneurs, but Slow Flowers is here to help you leverage your brand and your mission to the fullest.

It takes a little engagement on each members’ part to realize the potential of Slow Flowers and to benefit from the megaphone we have created to share your story, your values and your flowers.

The success of your membership in Slow Flowers is rooted in the Heart, Soul and Community that together we have created.

When you join the Slow Flowers Movement, even in small ways and with small steps, you’ll find many rewards. Joining Slow Flowers is an investment in yourself and your dreams — your most precious assets as a floral entrepreneur.

Here are the many opportunities available and at your fingertips — we’ve been waiting for you and welcome your presence in the community! So glad you’re here and so eager to help you tap into the many resources already available to you

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24 Nov 2018

By Debra Prinzing